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The Herald of the Dragon

Chihiro Yadora

"Behold," he hears the voice of Glint in his mind, bountiful with regrets and remorse, "my last stand...and what remains of it." Snarls of Dragonbrand and floating chunks of amethyst-colored crystal pockmark what Chihiro once learned was a holy pilgrimage site, now defiled by the deeds of his patron's progenitor. He sits along a cliff's edge, contemplating the misery that unfolded here as he feels the Dragon's presence cast a long shadow upon him. // Dyes on the Mistward Headwrap are meant to emulate the Blindfold headpiece from Guild Wars: Eye of the North, only partially failing because the "iris" is just so damn bright. Purple is Chihiro's "primary" color and so it's reflected in much of his clothing in some form or another; as a Herald, while channeling the Legendary Dragon, his armor is also altered to reflect this particular Inst– ahh, this particular echo channel. // Weapons used are Crystalline Blade (Bolt) and Glint's Bastion (Flameseeker Prophecies), with an alternate swap to a Fiery Dragon Sword.